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Lesbians Cervix Inflation with Fluid Injections and Bladder

Lesbian uterus inflation with fluid injections into cervix until dilate it, injecting liquid by pee hole to fill the bladder. Lesbians fuck peehole with sextoys, urethral sounding with weird objects until squirting orgasm and perverse cervix penetration with japanese dildo. These lesbians have the perverse idea of inflating the uterus and bladder with a strange liquid to experience what they feel. But first they want to have extreme sex by inserting household objects such as the handle of a cleaning scouring pad, dildo with huge balls that you will see lost inside the urethra, fucking the cervix with huge glass dildo and other sex toys. A lesbian fills a syringe with a liquid, places a tube on one end, and inserts the other end deep into the cervix. She then begins to inject all the fluid into the uterus until it is inflated, even blowing out the remaining fluid into the tube with her mouth. Then she starts fucking her cervix with a huge probe causing the fluid to come out. In another hot scene you can enjoy watching a lesbian filling her bladder with an injected liquid using a syringe connected to a tube inserted into the urethra until the syringe is completely emptied and then she fingering the peehole to cause that the liquid is expelled by pissing in spurts. Spectacular video of lesbians inflating the uterus with liquid and filling the bladder with injected fluid using a huge syringe.

Cervix penetration with handle of a cleaning scouring pad Peehole fucking dildo with huge balls
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